Pizza at Dinner for One Hundred

left: original artwork, right: the tea towel itself (creased, stained and used)
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in short: the pizza & homemade dips are a lot to shout about, their message is to love food and look after South East London’s community and they just seem like a very good bunch of people. They've just been given a permanent spot at Peckham's Bar Story, to add to the original location on Telegraph Hill, so go and support them as soon as you can.

The Food

Crisp & doughy 'Neapolitan-ish' pizza

With the first bite we were given reason to rank this as the best pizza in London. Their Neapolitan dough is wood fired; the dough is blistered and puffy, without being too doughy or crispy. They’ve created a Neapolitan hybrid: 10% of the flour used is wholegrain, giving the pizza a slight crisp which prevents the slice from flopping. For us it’s perfect as a margherita since there’s the right balance between the sweetness of the sauce and the creamy mozzarella, but they think carefully about their toppings too.

Each week there are eight pizzas to choose from, alongside a special and a really impressive cheesy garlic bread. They (rightly) have a lot to say about their dips too – lemon & rosemary or anchovy aioli ‘because Dominos wouldn’t be Dominos’ without a good dip.


Dinner for One Hundred

Until lockdown, Dinner for One Hundred was a community-centred supper club. They hosted three-course dinners from community centre Hill Street Station Café (New Cross / Nunhead). These events would be ticketed, with free tickets given to more vulnerable and isolated people in need of good food and good company.

They did what most restaurants did at the start of lockdown: created great Instagram content and shared recipes. They went on to sell Ooni oven pizzas to locals (at a distance) from their driveway near Telegraph Hill, as well as delivering them to key workers – reiterating what Dinner for One Hundred was set up for: to meet the community over good food.

They also sell some pretty sweet merch.


South East London (Nunhead / New Cross & Peckham)

Head to their indoor / outdoor space Hill Station Café (Telegraph Hill Upper Park) where they sell Neapolitan pizzas from Thursday – Sunday. There’s music & candles too; sitting in this serene area of SE14, the sun setting, catching a glimpse of The City over the hill to the sounds of Toots & the Maytals on a Thursday evening was an idyllic summer setting, and it's been pretty nice wrapped up in the colder evenings too.

They're also set up at Bar Story in Peckham, where they have guest chefs creating new flavour combos.