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mishmash is a community of creatively inclined lovers of food. Everyone is welcome to share their work and submissions are always open for anything you think we’d love to feature including stories, artwork, recipes and reviews.

We love to celebrate all things food and intend to create an inclusive platform for everyone to immerse themselves in the wonders of food.

If you are unsure whether to send your submission, or if it’s right for mishmash, please do send it in, we’re always excited to see your work! Occasionally we’ll create prompts for more specific themes for your pieces, keep an eye on our social media and our newsletter.

Read our submission guidelines.

Please include your favourite food and any social media handles/web links

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We will review your work as soon as possible and aim to get back to you with feedback within 4 weeks of submission. 

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How to submit

You can submit your work here. Please see below information on submission file types; if you have any trouble with this please contact us before submitting. 

We aim to upload successful submissions within 4-8 weeks, though this could vary depending on the month’s theme or volume of submissions.


We accept all forms of writing: recipes, short stories, reviews, poems, rambles, essays, memories… anything! We would prefer for most pieces to be below 3000 words, but let us know if you are considering a longer form of writing. Please supply a Google doc or word document, we do not accept .pdfs for written submissions. We will not edit your writing without your permission. 


Please send any images in either JPG or PNG format. We will only reproduce your work in its original size on the website, but may need to crop or frame your image on social media and article thumbnails; please specify if you object to this. 

Please try to provide your images at the highest possible resolution. 

Moving imagery

Please send any moving imagery in either GIF or MP4 format. We will only reproduce your work in its full length on the website, but may need to crop to use on social media; please specify if you object to this. 

Please also feel free to provide a Google doc or word document, explaining your work. 

Important things to note 
  • Your submission must be of your own work
  • If you are submitting several pieces (that are not linked e.g. two different short stories), please complete a separate form/submission for each piece
  • Please provide any links to your social media, website or blog
  • Your content must not be illegal or unlawful and must not infringe any third party’s legal right

You will retain full copyright to your work.

I have submitted something, when can I expect to hear back?
We will always respond to every submission we receive and we aim to get back to everyone with feedback/next steps within 2 weeks of submission. It does take us time to review the work we receive so these times can differ (especially after a theme release). 

What can I submit?
We are open to almost any type of submission, as long as they’re about food! Keep an eye out for prompts for our themes (on social media or in our newsletter) as these may help to get the creative juices flowing! You can find us on instagram, twitter or facebook. There is more detail on how to submit and which file types we accept in our submission guidelines.

Does mishmash pay contributors?
Unfortunately, we currently do not have the funds to pay creatives for what we publish online. We are working to create an inclusive platform for creatives and those that love all things food! The work that goes into running mishmash is all on a voluntary basis.