The best food scenes to watch in lockdown 2.0

left: original artwork, right: the tea towel itself (creased, stained and used)
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Endless ziti in The Sopranos
The Sopranos taught us many things, most notably: Mafiosos love pasta. Specifically, Carmela Soprano’s ziti: pasta, tomato, baked under a layer of cheese in aluminum and always served sloppily. 

Puttanesca in A Series of Unfortunate Events 
The scene which taught us the meaning of ‘puttanesca’: ‘very few ingredients’ (okay, Lemony Snicket’s writing might not be entirely accurate, but its meaning is along these lines) . A reassuring reminder that simple ingredients make great food (although Count Olaf doesn’t recognise this). 

The Godfather’s Spaghetti & meatballs
“you start out with a little bit of oil. Then you fry some garlic. Then you throw in some tomatoes, tomato paste, you fry it; ya make sure it doesn’t stick. You get it to a boil; you shove in all your sausage and your meatballs; heh…? And a little bit o’ wine. An’ a little bit o’ sugar, and that’s my trick.” 

Fast Food

Tasty, tasty burgers in Pulp Fiction
As well as the thought of Paris’ quarter pounder, the ‘Royal With Cheese’, Pulp Fiction gets us craving burgers in several scenes. The soft bun of the Big Kahuna Burger, with the slice of melting cheese hanging out the side it particularly appealing (the one Samuel L Jackson eats half of before washing it down with that elongated slurp of sprite, and daring someone in the room to ‘say what again’...)

Parcs & Recs
Mini calzones, JJ’s Waffles, Ron’s breakfasts; Parcs & Recs’ food content is all about treating yo self. 

Breaking Bad
This show is full of fast food, from Los Pollos Hermanos’ fried chicken to Walt Jr’s breakfasts with super crispy bacon and the pizza that ended up on the roof of Walter’s home.


Sarnies in Scooby Doo
Surely there’s no better time to trial making a sandwich stack as big as these at home?

When Harry Met Sally

What was Sally actually eating? It was definitely a sandwich, but filled with what? Either way we’ll be ordering what she’s having.

Paddington Bear’s marmalade sarnies

A classic for a reason; thick-spread marmalade between doorstop slices of bread is not only for bears (or children).

Animated food

Lady and the Tramp’s spaghetti meatballs for two
True love is sharing one unbelievably long string of spaghetti.

Ratatouille’s ratatouille
Not a scene, an entire movie about the skill of cooking - indulge yourself.

Spirited Away

It’s the perfect introduction to Japanese cuisine, a beautifully animated abundance of food covering many themes including gluttony, comfort and celebration. 

Simba’s first bugs in The Lion King

Not a food for humans of course, but does anyone else find those juicy worms appetising? 

Roald Dahl

Bruce’s cake in Matilda
BRUCE! BRUCE! BRUCE! Death by chocolate, but a win for good tiny humans is an important loss for Trunchball.

Everything about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Whether you prefer the version with Johnny Depp or Gene Wilder, the entire story is of course the perfect metaphor for what food really means. Despite the giant-blueberry consequences, we still crave Violet’s three-course dinner ever changing chewing gum, and of course, the chocolate river.

The BFG’s Snozzcumber

It’s not the snozzcumber we love the sound of, it’s what the snozzcumber means; it puts the ‘F’ in BFG. Dahl has a habit of showing morality to children through food.

Harry Potter

The first feast in the Great Hall from The Philosophers’ Stone
Endless platters of food which appear magically on long tables for students to fight over the best bits… it’s the joy on the first years’ faces which says it all. 

The first trip to hogsmeade in The Prisoner of Azkaban
Sweet shops and butter beer: a slightly alcoholic drink which tastes of creamy butterscotch? It’s the stuff our pre-drinking-age dreams were made of.

Reviving chocolate in The Prisoner of Azkaban
After fainting from his first encounter with dementors on the Hogwarts Express, Harry is woken by Professor Lupin snapping a big bar of chocolate into pieces: ‘eat, you’ll feel better.’

Sweet treats

Immaculate cakes in The Grand Budapest Hotel
The most delicate food in this list; tiny, tiered cream filled pastries, packaged in a box which is necessarily symmetrical.

Cherry pie in Twin Peaks
It’s not possible to immerse yourself in the world of Twin Peaks without craving a cherry pie; luckily we found one in the local Asda shortly after binging. 

The imaginary food scene in Hook is a beautiful thing. The initiation of an invisible ice cream fight which finally opens up Robin Williams’ imagination is one of our favourite food scenes.