mishmash is a community of creatively inclined lovers of food and is dedicated to talking about enjoying food in all forms. We aim to celebrate food; to spark hungry conversations and inspire others to eat what they love. Posting our own content alongside submissions, mishmash is a platform for everyone to talk about the food they enjoy the most.

Holly & Molly created mishmash from a shared love of food, eating and creativity. After many discussions about pasta, attending a pasta making workshop together and one brilliant pasta birthday gift we began to talk about more than pasta, realising we were both obsessed with cooking, tasting and indulging in all kinds of food.

We want to know what food means to you. mishmash is a community that shares thoughts, memories, illustrations, poems, photography, reviews and stories about the food we love, we want to hear your recipes passed down through generations, stories of the concoctions trialled at university and see the food that you come back to time and time again.

It’s about sampling every dish on the menu of your favourite restaurant or sticking to what you know because it never lets you down. It’s about the emotions associated with eating Domino’s late at night and the nostalgia that Bassetts Nougat or a Caramac brings. mishmash is about enjoying food and how cooking, eating and sharing feeds your mood as well as your belly!