EURO 2020: the food I ate while watching football

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11th June: Turkey vs Italy (0-3)
Leftover beetroot orzo one-pot
This felt too earthy and healthy for a Friday night on the sofa, watching an Italian team who never stopped moving.

13th June: England vs Croatia (1-0)
Tacos with blackbeans and rajas poblanas, the first pull of homemade beer
Perfect football food, eaten outside in 28 degrees. Perhaps looked at the food more than the football for the first half. 

13th June: Netherlands vs Ukraine (3-2)
Deliveroo-d Pizza Express margherita and dough balls
Because I’d been craving Pizza Express for months, and no one wanted to dine in with me. The pizza was awful, really, really awful. The dough balls were perfect, as good as they have been since Orange Wednesdays 2-4-1 pizza & cinema. Unfortunately it sent me into a food coma and I missed the first ‘best game’ of the Euros in second-half goal-fest.

14th June: Spain vs Sweden (0-0)
This was such a flat game I cannot remember what I ate. I did have a very memorable pizza from Pizza Pilgrims for lunch that day, which must have overshadowed everything that followed.

15th June: France vs Germany (1-0)
Nachos with kidney beans, guac, salsa and charred corn
Bloody great football food. Bloody great goal by Mbappe that was written off for offside.

16th June: Italy vs Switzerland (3-0)
Spaghetti omelette with parmesan, olives and fried aubergine
A Spaghetti omelette is what I used to eat when my mum made normal omelettes for my sisters; I’ve always hated egg but adding a load of carbs makes this much more enjoyable. Kind of a frittata with spaghetti instead of potato. 

17th June: Netherlands vs Austria (2-0)
Half of a ciabatta sarnie with potatoes, vegan aioli and radish from a local bakery, and a pop tart

I messed up my eating times that day so didn’t have a proper dinner, which is fine! Cooking can be too much to think about.

18th June: England vs Scotland (0-0)
Dishoom takeaway!! Biryani, black daal, naan. Jam donuts for pudding
I’m really grateful the food I ate during this game was satisfying, because the football was a tad disappointing. My favourite part was James McAvoy's build up vid.

20th June: Italy vs Wales (1-0)
Tortilla chips & salt and vinegar kettle chips
Post-pub and pre-dinner snacks. Wales looked good.

21st June: Russia vs Denmark (1-4)
Leftover flatbread pizza with cheddar, jalapenos and roasted peppers & aubergine

22nd June: England vs Czech Republic (1-0)
Really nice beers at Little Faith
Went out for this one, so no football food. Some incredibly strong DIPAs from this local brewery, and one arsehole who complained about England in a way that made it clear he hated football.

26th June: Wales vs Denmark (0-4)
Guinness cake
This was during my dad's housewarming garden party, but we watched a little of this Wales collapse while the puddings came out. Great Guinness cake with buttercream and a side of berries. 

27th June: Netherlands vs Czech Republic (0-2)
More Guinness cake
God, watching the disappointment on veteran Netherlands supporters' faces was a tough thing to witness. But the Guinness cake round two was great.

27th June: Belgium vs Portugal (1-0)
Leftover roast dinner
From a bowl, all cut up so that I could eat while sitting on the sofa and didn’t have to waste time looking at the food too much. This game had a mad last 20 minutes, with Ronaldo (who ran around like a giant horse) failing to keep Portugal in the competition. 

28th June: Croatia vs Spain (3-5)
Pepper and potato casserole with kalamata olives
I’ve specified the olives here because they made a real impact on this delicious one-pot meal (not made by me). I watched the first 80 mins at the dinner table (lovely own goal), and walked to the station when Spain were two goals up. By the time I got on the train Croatia had made it 3-3 so I used all my 4G watching extra time on my phone. Good stuff.

28th June: France vs Swizerland (3-3)
I didn’t eat anything for this to be honest, I’d just got back from a weekend of roast dinners, leftover roast dinners and pasta salads. Also, the madness of these two back-to-back games left little space for eating: MORE GOOD FOOTBALL. I still can’t watch Mbappe’s penalty but loved the drama. 

29th June: England vs Germany (2-0)
Pringles, fruit & nut Cadbury’s and a nectarine
My mate Gabie came through with the football snacks. It was the first time I’ve ever tried fruit & nut (why?) and I’ve eaten three big bars since. Incredible stuff. When England scored the first goal I jumped up and looked out the window, imagining the entire street would have run out their front doors to celebrate. They hadn’t, but me and Gabs enjoyed this match thoroughly. 

3rd July: Ukraine vs England (0-4)
Several vegan sausages and a handful of crisps
There was a BBQ buffet in the daytime and there were quite a few vegan sausages left, so I snacked on these throughout the least stressful game of the tournament. Harry Maguire’s lovely big head, the return of Kane’s confidence and Henderson’s moment… it was a lot of fun. 

2nd July: Switzerland vs Spain (1-1, Spain 3-1 penalties), Belgium vs Italy (1-2)
Homemade pizza, with a creamy mushroom base
Resisted the pizza-induced food coma to watch a heart-breaking penalty shoot-out and Italy run faster than any other team. Made some garlic butter for the pizza crusts and had a great at-home Friday night.

6th July: Italy vs Spain (1-1, Italy 4-2 penalties)
Cornbread with feta and jalapeños, sour cream and crispy paprika chips
Chiellini's joyful approach to life, football and a coin toss with Alba has apparently inspired a new word in German: Chiellinigkeit, which is nice. I haven't forgiven him for pulling down our Saka though.

7th July: England vs Denmark (2-1)
A bag of waffle chips and some very dry vegan sliders
What I dislike most about veggie pub food is that they made it all vegan; I would have loved a bit of cheese with those sliders and chips, but it was nice nonetheless. 

I hid in the toilet when Kane went to take the penalty. I regret it. 

And that was the end of the Euros. England didn’t lose a game and nothing bad happened.