Sanbitter Rosso: my first sip of summer

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I no longer wish to live in the purgatory of spring. I simply must ascend to the heavenly bliss of early summer heat and pink hued eternal evenings. Sunburn and sweaty pits don’t bother me as long as I get my daily photosynthesis and a gentle breeze. 

But I still need something to quench that relentless thirst for something refreshing and restorative. Having evolved a much more mature palette since childhood, I no longer crave sickly sweet lemonade, but something better balanced. 

My search led me to various ice teas, botanical brews, and sparkling presses, but nothing hit that sweet spot quite as well as Sanbitter Rosso. Without fail, I seem to have found myself drinking a bottle every time the sun makes a much-appreciated appearance. It is now an essential part of my ritual for warmer days. 

Mimicking Campari, Sanbitter Rosso is a cheery Italian non-alcoholic aperitif. This rouged bottle of Mediterranean paradise is perfect to cleanse the palate during mealtimes, or simply for a cool fizzy thirst quencher. Sweet fruity and spiced notes compliment the drinks bitter herbal heart. For serving, a cold glass is best, with ice and a slice of orange or grapefruit peel. 

Better yet, Sanbitter doesn’t just ease your thirst, but also aids in digestion. So whenever we are next blessed with a day of glorious sun (or haunted by indigestion) I will be prepared with a bottle of my new favourite beverage.