Autumn in New York

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Breakfast at a diner in the Hudson Highlands in upstate New York

When we think of New York in Autumn (Fall!) pumpkins are the first thing that spring to mind, closely followed by long, sunny (but chilly) walks and plenty of stops at cafes for a coffee or just to stare in the window at the delicious baked goods. 

Armed with her trusty Pentax K1000, Lori captures these moments perfectly. From the bright lights of cafe signs to the orange hues of the season, Lori's photography tells a story of the day through food. The grain and softness of the film photography adds a sense of calm to the series of photographs and it almost feels as though we've been on a walk through the city with her.

Classic New York bakery selection

Breakfast of champions - massive donuts and coffee in a food hall near our hotel

This place did fancy liquid nitrogen ice cream

An inviting sign on the way up to a restaurant we visited

Chelsea market ready for halloween

Can you tell it was October when we visited?