Eating standing up

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Often, sitting down is the best way to enjoy eating; it’s nice to have a moment with your food, whether it’s on the sofa in front of the TV, on a park bench in the sun or at a set table in a restaurant. Apparently, eating standing up increases physical stress levels, muting our taste buds and slowing down digestion. Sometimes, however, it’s best to just eat your food as soon as it’s in your hands. Examples of when it’s actually better to eat standing up are:

  • You’re eating a just-BBQ-ed skewer of halloumi at the first BBQ of the summer
  • When eating ice lollies, any time of year
  • You’ve bought an open portion of chips to share with your best friend at the windy seaside
  • When you're carrying a fresh loaf of bread round the supermarket, it's hard to resist tearing off piece of crust to keep you going
  • If you've just bought a warm cookie ​from Ben's Cookies on the way to the tube
  • When you know one hot cross bun won't be enough, so eat the first one leaning on the kitchen counter while waiting for the second to toast
  • You’re waiting for a train in the middle of winter and bought a pasty to warm you up while figuring out which train hasn’t been cancelled
  • You’re tasting samples of Social Slice in Ole & Steen
  • When you’re tasting little chunks of cheese at Borough Market
  • When you’re queuing to eat at Padella for 43 hours and there's a packet of crisps in your bag
  • You’re re-fueling with a quick millionaire’s shortbread from Boots at Charing Cross on the way home after a long day
  • When there’re no seats for you to eat your cheesy bites at McDonalds at 3am
  • When you’re sitting on the wall opposite your old favourite dive bar after closing time, eating a Subway with your favourite friends after a weird night out
  • At awkward networking buffets at work (hint: if you're eating constantly, you can talk to fewer people)
  • When you’re eating all the canapés, making small talk after your stomach growled its way through the marriage ceremony
  • When you’re snacking on a pocket full of Haribo / Wheat Crunchies / Milky Bar buttons / Creme Eggs
  • When there’s free food and you're compelled to eat as much of it as possible.