Cheese & marmite

left: original artwork, right: the tea towel itself (creased, stained and used)
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Cheese + marmite: name a better duo.

Sunday evening dinners as a child often consisted of 3 crumpets: one jam, one marmite, one with cheese melted under the grill. Later in life (when I was old enough to add my own toppings), this matured into crumpets that were toasted, buttered and marmite-ed before adding cheese and putting them under the grill. After school before anyone else got home, I'd sneak a marmite crumpet in before dinner. I always ate this on the trampoline in the garden so if anyone came back early, I could just jump up and pretend there was no pre-dins snacking going on.

There are some brilliant bakeries that create cheese + marmite swirls which bring to life all of my childhood taste dreams. Albion in Shoreditch does a particularly doughy one, Pophams Bakery in Islington + Hackney incorporates spring onion into their flaky pastry swirl and New World supermarket in New Zealand have a more affordable one which serves as a good fuel for long car journeys. Four Hundred Rabbits, a little pizza restaurant in Nunhead recently created a cheese, marmite, cavolo nero + kimchi pizza which made me dance with joy.

To my knowledge, the best cheese + marmite snack that you can buy is from Starbucks. I'm absolutely uninterested in Starbucks for anything other than their Cheese + Marmite Mini Ciabatta: a toasted wonder, with bechamel sauce and mature cheddar. I've gone very far out of my way to buy this for a hungover breakfast; it's the only thing I crave on those mornings.