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I'm absolutely no beer connoisseur, this collection started with me and my housemates always being attracted to different labels on bottles. Whenever we visited a new grocery store in London, we'd take a browse in the beer aisle and grab a bottle of whatever first caught our eye. There was only one rule, it always had to be something new! The empty bottles lined the tops of our kitchen cabinets (sophisticated interior design) and we'd write a brief review of each for the rest of the house to see.

Sierra Nevada, Tropical Torpedo IPA
Golden and a little fruity citrus party for your mouth


Forest Road, POSH Lager
Lager isn’t my go too but it’s smooth and easy enough to smash down


Forest Road, WORK part one IPA
Smells like honey and has a super sweet taste with a pretty dry aftertaste


Magic Spells, ps I love you APA 
Nice and dry, nice and hoppy


Brewdog, Elvis Juice IPA
Very refreshing, super citrus with a whole punch of grapefruit


Brussels Beer Project, Babylone IPA
Malt, biscuit, bread, caramel… Dark and hoppy


Camerons, Motorhead Road Crew APA
Hoppy and pretty crisp, best with some spicy food


Mojo Pale Ale
Pretty fruity and not much bite, bottle is better than what's inside


King of Hops Pale Ale

It's pretty thin but very drinkable, another citrus pale ale


Siren Craft Brew, Undercurrent Oatmeal Pale Ale
Oatmeal makes it super soft, not an overly strong flavour and very delicious