Bottled beers 2.0

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I'm absolutely no beer connoisseur, this collection started with me and my housemates always being attracted to different labels on bottles. Whenever we visited a new grocery store in London, we'd take a browse in the beer aisle and grab a bottle of whatever first caught our eye. There was only one rule, it always had to be something new! The empty bottles lined the tops of our kitchen cabinets (sophisticated interior design) and we'd write a brief review of each for the rest of the house to see.

LFB, Hackney Hopster Pacific Pale Ale
Passionfruit and citrus, pretty run of the mill


LFB, Love Not War, Hoppy Red Ale
Smells amazing but tastes really light and a bit watery


Snuffle, Dog Beer
Not for humans but the dog lapped it upppp!


Weird Beard Brew Co., Mariana Trench Pale Ale
Tropical fruit flavours, strangely very carbonated but very drinkable!


Brewdog, Jet Black Heart Stout
Velvety and not too heavy, surprising from a stout - delicious and oaty


Stone’s, Ginger Joe, Ginger Beer
Ow, I don’t know why I bought this… It’s far too sweet and artificial tasting


Mikkeller, Stick in the Ear IPA
Really unique, smells very fruity and is super refreshing, even though slightly bitter. Love this!


Innis & Gunn Oak Aged Beer
Easy on the palate but nothing exciting, got a bit better as it warmed up


Double Hop Monster IPA
Refreshing and had a really subtle taste but had a bit of a dodgy aftertaste


Brewdog, Santa Paws
Smells chocolatey and tastes like dark fruits, definitely feels like a festive drink and is deliciously interesting